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Apparently, the District Code of Conduct Policy is contributing to the complexity of the Problem? It is not working – Just look at the Results – Poor Teacher Retention – Poor Morale – Low Test Scores - Etc. Does it make sense to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results?

The following are areas that need to be addressed:

  • Student’s Code of Conduct needs to be addressed.
  • Improving the Guidelines for Student Rights and Responsibilities.
  • How effective are the Restorative Practices?
  • How effective are the Discipline Review Teams which include a Discipline Director?
  • There is are Severe Discipline Problems and too much Unruly Behavior in the schools.
  • How is the district dealing with Mutual Combat vs Physical Contact?
  • Is the District Dealing with Bullying and Harassment properly?
  • Is the District Dealing properly with Minor aggressive acts, fighting, assaults, and cursing?
  • There is too much Absenteeism, truancy, defiance of authority, and frequent obscenities.
  • School leaders accused of downplaying and under-reporting violations
  • Are principals accountable for what’s happening in their schools?
  • Is there adequate Teacher training on all the new rules?
  • How effective is the “Bully Patrol” program?
  • Is there proper coordination between Campus monitors, social workers, school resource officers and student success specialists?
  • Employee/Teacher Surveys show significant percent think students treat teachers with disrespect
  • Arizona’s chronic certified teacher shortage crisis contributes to the problem
  • Desegregation Order dictates reduction in the disproportionate discipline of minority students
  • TUSD paid $35,000 to a consultant to overhaul the code of conduct, was it well spent?
  • We need a Teacher friendly approach to how TUSD handles classroom disciplinary incidents with less bureaucratic steps.
  • It takes three interventions by a teacher before the principal (or vice principal) steps in
  • What is causing the Misinterpretation of policy and the misalignment between policy and practice?

TUSD Student Discipline Issues (Short List)