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Year                                 2019

TUSD Per Pupil              $895

AZ Peer                           $746

(source: Arizona Auditor General Website)

Year                                 2016

TUSD Per Pupil              $914

AZ Peer                           $673

Year                                 2014

TUSD Per Pupil              $855

AZ Peer                           $630

Year                                2010

TUSD Per Pupil              $758

AZ Peer                           $601

(note: #s only provided in %)

Year                                 2003

TUSD Per Pupil             10.5%

AZ Peer                          9.9%

High Administrative Costs


TUSD has a budget of $550,000,000 annually. Yet it consistently spends 1%+ more $ than any other Peer School District in the State on Administrative costs. If TUSD reduced Administrative costs by just 1% they could put $5,500,000 more Dollars back into the classroom? There are 86 school sites that could certainly use this extra money.

The information below shows that TUSD spent in 2019 $149 more per student on Administration costs than its peer schools. A class size 25 students per classroom would add $3,725 more per classroom. A class size of 30 students would add $4,4670 more per classroom.