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There has been a Tremendous amount of money spent on the Desegregation in the District since 1974. What exactly has TUSD accomplished with all that desegregation money? The information below relates to how complicated this issue has become.

  • Began in 1974 and litigated for four years
  • A simple settlement was anticipated in 1978
  • TUSD continued to collect desegregation funds
  • State capped funding at $63.7 million since 2009
  • Judge Bury inherited the case in 2003
  • Judge Bury ended court oversight in 2009
  • TUSD adopted a post unitary status plan (USP) in 2009
  • Both plaintiffs appealed and the 9th circuit court agreed in 2011
  • Judge Bury appointed a Special Master in January 2012
  • Judge Bury approved a new USP in 2013
  • TUSD subsequently applied for partial release from court oversight
  • Courts granted partial USP on 25 of 50 items in September 2018
  • Today, TUSD has a 64% Latino population

TUSD opted out of AZ Merit Testing in 2018. The following are the results from that years Testing. There are over 200 School Districts (not including JTED or Charter Districts) in the State’s 15 Counties why is TUSD having such a problem with the testing?

  • Math (overall)
    TUSD 29% of Students passed                 
    State 42% of Students passed                    
    TUSD Students failed Math by 13% more than the State Average

  • English (overall)
    In TUSD 33% of Students passed      
    In the State 40% of Students passed          
    TUSD Students failed Math by 7% more than the State Average

  • Science (overall)
    TUSD 38% of Students passed              
    In the State 50% of Students passed                     
    TUSD Students failed Science by 12% more than the State Average

(source: multiple news outlets in Az)

Brief History of TUSD Desegregation Case