Nick Pierson TUSD Candidate



Family and community come first for Nicolás “Nick” Pierson, a Southern Arizona native who was born in Nogales, AZ. In addition to his professional career in finance, Nick dedicates time to helping build youth programs in the community.

He has volunteered on the Board of Changuitos Feos, Tucson Hispanic Chamber Education Foundation and currently serves on the Fox Tucson Theatre Foundation Board of Directors. As Co-Chair of the Fox Theatre Programming and Marketing Committee, he initiated and helped develop the Fox Youth Art and Culture Program, which is now called the KIT program after the theatre’s mascot Kit the Fox. 

Nick is passionate about providing our children and grandchildren opportunities that our parents and grandparents left us. His vision is to help provide the tools and environment necessary to prepare students for college and/or the trades so they can pursue their dreams and achieve their potential.

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J Nicolás "Nick" Pierson Runs 4 The District!